Anonymous: Do you have any fanfic multisakuu recommendations?




One sec, I’ll go scroll through my favs and see what I can find!

Airborne-As a half bird experiment born in a laboratory, Sakura is a prisoner. As a half human, she wants to be free. As escaped prey she will be hunted by predators. As an intelligent, flying creature, Sakura must trust herself to find true freedom. MultiSaku

Brother trouble-Sakura’s father marries a woman with eleven sons and Sakura has to learn to live with so many males after a lifetime alone. AU Sakura/multi, but mostly Sakura/Uchiha. Crack, fluff, and humor.

Creature Feature Deki Café-Maids. Dresses. Frilly Skirts. Animals. Haruno Sakura needs a job that pays well. Fortunetly for her, all she has to do is serve tea and wear puppy dog ears. Maybe flirt with a few men…and women -SakuMulti-

Falling up-Sakura Haruno’s favorite Anime, Naruto, came to life before her eyes. The characters became real to her, and she became something to special to them. But, not everything is perfect, and ghosts from the past could be more haunting then before. SakuxMulti HIATUS.

Mad house-She thought it was the end of her troubles when she left the mental hospital,but there seem to be a few possessive young men who don’t want to let go of the woman they claim as theirs.Escaped criminals with psychological issues pining after you? Sakmulti

Sakuwa Hawuno-Sakura gets hurt during a mission to retrieve Sasuke, and she turns chibi! With the girls gone, it’s up to the Konoha men to babysit her. What happens when she gets ‘kidnapped’ by Akatsuki, and that only Orochimaru knows the cure to save her? SakuraxMulti

Living by theory-Saku-centric: Follows Sakura’s childhood as she travels the world and strives to learn from the theories left by her many teachers. Her goal to become someone worth something.

I hope you enjoy! Honestly, I’m a little behind on some of the newer ones and I need to read through them before I go recommending them to anyone.

I would like to add to this, if I may UvU:

Piece Thieves | The base rule of the grand fashion industry: sell no product without attractive young puppets to model it. Ino pulled together the usual sort of pretty faces, with the usual opinions and annoying youthful defiance that made millions. But they cooperated better when Sakura visited to work with with the camera crew, so visit she did. Modern-day MultiSaku, prize story.

Seven | Young female samurai Sakura leaves her besieged village behind, seeking other skilled samurai to help defend her home. Whether they accept her request for payment or for her is another matter. A retelling of Samurai 7, SakuraMulti style.

Ruby Shoes | “I’ll get you my lovely blossom! And your little dog too.” “But Akamaru’s not even my dog!” /MultiSakura\ Oneshot for Vesper chan’s contest, October Spirit

Obelisk: Kingdom of Man | ‘She could swear she smelt sulfur when she exhaled. Nothing good ever came from boys who smelled like sulfur.’ An ancient Egyptian curse and a world of dreams opens Sakura up to a life devoid of safety. In the darkness her nightmares bow themselves to her. In the morning they feast on her heart. AU SakuraMany

The Desired | A year after their last encounter with Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto have trained hard to bring him back, but their quest to save him takes a back seat when Akatsuki and Orochimaru set their sights on a new target…Sakura. SakuraXMany M to be safe

Love, Lies, and Male Modeling | AU Due to an unfortunate circumstance involving her best friend, Sakura Haruno will be pretending to be a male model. However, when the other models get interested, what is this cross dressing heroine to do? MultiSaku

Freshman 15 | One thing Sakura Haruno knew for certain was that she was moving off campus next year, away from her pervy RA’s and the hormone driven dorm boys.

Sweet Talking | In which they all try to woo her, and she is just plain oblivious. Each chapter is written off of a pickup line I find online. Different POV and pairing each time. SakuraxMulti. AU. KonohaHighFic.

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